Mind is in a spin

These past few weeks have been turbulent to say the very least. My head, stomach and other parts that shouldn't be, are in a spin or twist.

So in a previous entry, I have said about the person I was talking to. Things had hit a bumpy road and I was unsure as to things coming back on track.

Well, I am still unsure, but they have turned ever so slightly to the better. I have since sent a few messages to the person, trying to explain things. Give them my side of the story. I think they have listened.

There have been a mutual sending of messages and what has come out of it has been the doubts of the distance and our condition. We both have depression and anxiety so they are scared when the attacks happen as to what happens. I have shared information as to what to do when an attack happens, and what someone can do who is not there too. It's good information.

So I am happy that communication has not completely been broken. There is still a small sign of hope there, the outright answer of 'Not going to happen' has not yet been said. I just want to make progress to at least have a drink. Then the whole business of make or break can happen and we both can move on to our destinations.

Time is a killing key.

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