Life at the end

So how is it going with my life so far?

So my life so far? Well from last year and my life has gone from decent to yea, you DESERVE nothing. The EX has decided that I am not entitled to ANY of the profit of anything from the house that I have been paying for, for the last 10 years. I hate myself for EVERYTHING, Paying for the house, paying for everything. I want to forfeit my life. My existence, everything that has happened to my personal life so far. I feel that my time on this earth has had no positive worth. I May have had some effect on more than one person but overall I have had nothing of a positive worth to anyone in life. Parents, maybe extreme close friends. Other than a total of perhaps 5 people I have had no real positive effect on ANYONE on this earth and as such have no value. Even those that I have affected have no idea that I exist and as such, have no effect on the way they live.

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